Who we are

NextGen Church started from 2 couples coming together in each others homes in the summer of 2018. At the time we were members in Lighthouse Christian Church in Aachen, Germany. From there our group started growing and one by one more people came until the point where our Pastor, Pastor Asien Kurniadi, challenged us to start a new church in Maastricht.

So now we are a new church planted in Maastricht and under Pastor Asien as our Pastor and Lighthouse in Aachen is our mother church. We want to reach many people for Jesus in Maastricht as an international church.

We intend to be an international church, bilingual in our services and multilingual in our family of all nations under Christ.

Our mission is raising true and fruitful disciples ​through intense community and discipleship, ​who will become the light for the nations.

Our pillars for this are Discipleship, Community and Mission.

Saturday Service

Every Saturday is a party for Jesus. In the service we praise God, celebrate the victory of Jesus and are happy about the salvation and about His faithfulness in our lives. Our service is open for the spontaneous works of the Holy Spirit, who makes our spiritual lives alive.


In our worship there is no fixed format, order or liturgy you need to follow. Everybody is free to praise the Lord and express their love for the Lord in their own way.

Children’s Service

Children are very valuable to us. Every child should get to know God personally and experience Him as Father. At this moment in time we do not offer a children service yet. However as soon as the need arises we stand ready to start it.


Our service is conducted in English and in Dutch.


After the service we have fellowship and we eat together. We see this as a vital part of being church to have time together to have fellowship. When you come to us for the first time the food is on us.

Connect groups

God wants us, His children, to experience Him and His Kingdom not only on Saturdays but also in our daily lives. That’s why we don’t limit our gatherings to just Saturdays; we also meet during the week in our connect groups.

In these smaller groups, we have the opportunity to get to know each other better, praise God together, pray together, or simply spend time in fellowship. Through these connections, we learn how to live with God and with each other more fully.

Currently, we have four Connect groups:

  1. Onsite Group: Every Thursday at 7 PM, we meet at our building. The group is conducted in English and Dutch languages.
  2. Online Group: Every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM, we gather online. The group is also conducted in English and Dutch.
  3. Wednesday Afternoon Group: This group meets every two weeks at Varensdaal 4. It’s conducted in Dutch.
  4. Saturday Seniors Group: Held every two weeks at 15:30 in our building, this group is specifically for seniors.

We’re excited about the possibility of multiplying and forming even more groups in the future!